EA has reorganized, creating Worldwide Studios

EA has reorganized portions of their massive brand, compiling multiple studious under one roof, including BioWare.

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts

The news came via a post on EA’s website by CEO Andrew Wilson, saying:

The formation of EA Worldwide Studios.  At a time when players are engaged in games across more devices, the tenets of making great HD and mobile experiences are converging.  Our ability to blend our strengths to deliver amazing games across genres, geographies and platforms, in a networked environment, is central to our future success.  EA Worldwide Studios will bring together our top creative talent in all of our great studios to work on EA’s powerful brand portfolio and new IP.  EA Mobile and Maxis will join this central studios organization led by Patrick Söderlund.  Samantha Ryan, who will now report to Patrick, will continue to lead our Mobile and Maxis teams.  Sam will also take on leadership of BioWare, where her love for RPGs and experience with open-world adventure games is an outstanding fit to work with Aaryn Flynn and his great team. 

This is a synergistic move by the company, but it shouldn’t affect the gamer much. I’m sure the development processes for games will see their changes, but for massive franchises like BioWare’s Mass Effect, there should be little to no changes, provided that the executives trust the teams at each studio to continue making great games.

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