Pokémon Go buddy system is live!

It’s heee-eeere! The new Buddy system for Pokémon Go has rolled out in various territories, meaning you no longer have to catch endless duplicate Pokémon in order to earn candy. Instead, you can pick your favourite ‘mon and take them for a bit of a walk, earning sweet sweet candy as you go.

Misty and her Pokémon Buddies

Misty and her Pokémon Buddies

The update (1.7.0 on iOS) also adds support for the Pokémon Go Plus device, crushes an annoying Egg issue, tidies up network support and fixes some minor text errors.

We first heard about this update after enterprising data miners dug into the game’s code, and Jordan’s uncovered a list that shows how much candy each Pokémon will earn.

If it’s not out in your area just yet (check the App Store of your choice), then sit tight. Don’t be tempted to download unauthorised versions of the software – Niantic has already warned that this is a bannable offence, and you don’t want them taking your pocket monsters away now, do you?

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