Pokémon GO is still hugely the most profitable mobile game

Pokémon GO is still the most profitable mobile game, even after losing loads of paying U.S. players.

Pokémon GO is, surprisingly, still going strong

Pokémon GO is, surprisingly, still going strong

According to Slice Intelligence, Pokémon GO has seen a massive 79 percent drop in the number of paying players. That is to say, the number of players buying items through the game’s many microtransaction opportunities.

The game, despite losing that insane chunk of people, still made up 28 percent of the number of sales in the mobile game market. The second highest game was Candy Crush with only 4.5 percent of sales.

As of September 3rd, nearly a quarter of all mobile game spenders spent money on Pokémon GO.

The game also saw a rise in interest for Nintendo, aiding their stock, and also saw sales of Pokémon apparel merchandise rise particularly well, and by particularly well, try a 233 percent rise in sales for the month of August. The sales of August 2016 beat out the sales of the past Halloween season, which is when the numbers are the highest.

It is incredible, the scope of this game. Despite being so intensely hated on by so many people, including myself, it has managed to keep a very solid foothold on the market

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