How to upgrade your PC games from BioShock: The Collection

BioShock: The Collection launches for PS3, Xbox One and PC this week (starting today in some regions). If you’ve already got the first two games on PC, 2K has sent over details on how you can snag the remastered versions. You could be playing in just a few clicks!

If you’ve got the games on Steam, your job is easy: Simply launch the game and it will automatically upgrade to the new, shiny version – you’re good to go!

…if you’ve got a physical copy though, things get a bit more complicated.

Most copies of the game didn’t come with a CD key, because BioShock was a singleplayer affair. So, you’ll need to provide 2K Support with proof of purchase as well as your Steam profile information, so the team can link ’em both together.

If you picked up BioShock 2 through Games for Windows Live, things are slightly more simple – you’ll need to dig through your old emails to find the key you were given with your copy way back when. Use that key to activate the game through Steam, and you’re sorted!

Starting this Thursday, September 15 (Valve time), copies of BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Minerva’s Den will start updating to the remastered versions. Remember, BioShock: Infinite is included in BioShock: The Collection, but if you’ve got that one on PC you won’t get an upgrade. 2K has decided that because the game is only three years old, it’s already looking as good as it’s going to get, so a remaster would be a waste of time.

On PS4 and Xbox One though, you’ll get all three games (plus all single-player DLC), upgraded to display at 1080p and run at 60fps. Sweet. The console versions launch on September 13 in North America, September 15 in Australia and September 16 in the rest of the world. BioShock: The Collection launches on PC from September 15.

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