Twitch chat beats chess Grandmaster

A Twitch chat actually beat a chess grandmaster. As incredibly unbelievable as that is, it actually happened.

Grandmaster Simon Williams

Grandmaster Simon Williams

The internet is so freaking weird. A Twitch chat managed to beat chess Grandmaster Simon Williams during Ripstone’s Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition event.

Viewers of the event on Twitch were able to vote on the move that would be made, with majority rule. The first match, Williams saw a win, as did he the second match. Then the third match came and, through some miracle, Twitch managed to win.

Undoubtedly, there were skilled players in the Twitch chat, but the part that surprises me is that there had to have been trolls. There are trolls anywhere, but still Twitch managed to best a grandmaster.

The event was for the release of Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition, which is on Steam and Xbox One now for $13. Grandmaster Edition adds new chess sets and pieces to the game.

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