Naughty Dog: PS4 Pro and HDR “removing the smudge from your glasses”

Naughty Dog developer Christian Gyrling has commented on the emerging tech with high levels of excitement.

Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4 will be very pretty for sure

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4 will be very pretty for sure

The PlayStation Event on September 7th saw the reveal of the PlayStation Pro and the PlayStation Slim, as well as the announcement that HDR will be coming to every single PlayStation 4.

VG247 talked with Naughty Dog developer Christian Gyrling to find out more about what game developers feel about the news:

So, I was one of the lead programmers for Uncharted 4 and I’ve been the main driver of all the PS4 Pro development at Naughty Dog, so this is something I feel very strongly about. I’m very passionate about it because I’ve seen, and I’m very happy to be able to show everyone else, what our games can look like. And it’s not just — really it’s what they do look like, what they always looked like, but we no longer have to restrict it to the lower resolution, the lower colour space… we can open it all up.

It’s the small things. Like, we’re looking at the screen right now [On-screen is Nathan Drake idling underwater in Uncharted 4’s Chapter 3] – even the smallest details of the highlights on the little green on the corals… these are colours that were there in my head, I thought it looked that good already. But now, sitting down, I really feel like I’m watching some nature documentary.

You really have to pick up the controller and play it yourself. Still images… even right here where we’re not actively moving around… it doesn’t do it full justice. Playing it through at the higher resolutions, feeling that image stability and getting the highlights that are shining like the reflection in the puddle on the ground or through the window of the building, the acoustics underwater… those are the moments where you go ‘Whoa, whoa!’ – it really is.

When it comes to taking the PS4 Pro, really what we’re doing here is nothing more than just removing the smudge from your glasses, we’re changing your prescription so you get to see everything more clearly. That’s the direction we’re going. We’re not comparing with a PC version or something else. I mean, yes, we’re keeping an eye on what other people in the industry are doing, but we feel that we’re always pushing the envelope, we’re always trying to improve.

Undoubtedly, the announcement of HDR to all PlayStation 4’s is by far the biggest news coming out of the event (which was interesting, but very boring).

The update will be coming tomorrow, September 13th.

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