Artists at Obsidian Entertainment built Mos Eisley in Unreal Engine 4

Jason Lewis from Obsidian Entertainment, along with some friends and colleagues at the studio, have created probably one of the most gorgeous recreations of Mos Eisley seen outside a cinema.

And they did it all on their own time, for fun, to learn Unreal Engine 4. Amazing.

Star Wars - Millennium Falcon

In a very detailed post, Jason explains the process behind recreating one of the most iconic locations in the original trilogy of Star Wars films. After initially starting with just the Falcon and Docking Bay 94, he found he wanted to add more of the surrounding city.

Then I thought it would be neat to add the interior to the docking bay, and then maybe some of the surrounding Mos Eisley city, then I thought “hey, let’s put the Mos Eisley Cantina in as well!” It was at this point that I realized the scope of this project had grown beyond my ability to finish it by myself, so I extended an invitation to several of the artists working with me at Obsidian to help out with this project in their free time, and I got many very enthusiastic YES responses

Adding more people meant ships other than the Falcon could be tucked away in other bays. Like X-Wings.

Star Wars - X-Wings

The team is basically “done” at this point. Since they had no character artists participating, there aren’t any aliens wandering about, nor does the E-11 Blaster you’re given do anything but make a pretty light show.

But what’s truly remarkable, and why I wanted to draw attention to it, is the team has made it available for free download to anyone who’d like to run around in it on their own machine.

You can download it here:

These links are all directly from the source article, but you may want to run a virus scanner over them yourselves if you’re concerned. The file is 7.6GB.

The minimum specifications are quite steep, as you will need at least 16GB of system RAM and an Nvidia GTX760 (or AMD equivalent) to run at “acceptable” frame rates. I exceed those specs and it mostly ran fine for me. Much to my delight!

They hope to eventually add both Oculus and Vive VR support, though that may take some time. Stay tuned, if you have one of those newfangled gadgets, I guess.

If you’re into game development or other digital art creation, there’s a lot of really great, detailed information available in the post on

Or just download it and run around grinning at everything like an idiot. I’m off to look for these two droids…

Star Wars - Droids

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