Thank Gaming It’s Friday! September 9th, 2016

Welcome to Player Attack’s TGIF, a weekly feature where we discuss what we’re doing over the weekend whether it’s games, movies, TV, books or anything else! We’d love to hear what you’re up to as well – heck, you might come across some like-minded people and become super friends!

Mike | @MikeNotridge

I’m actually on a bit of an Xbox One backwards compatibility kick at the moment. As I mention on this week’s “Untitled Podcast” with Rade, Forza Horizon (1) got added last weekend and added it to this month’s “games with gold” too so I’ve been playing a lot of that to gear up (heh) for Horizon 3 in a few weeks. Will probably end up playing that some and also Namco has an Xbox sale right now and Dark Souls is $7.49! Also backwards compatible so grab it while it lasts.

Besides that, I have to organise seating arrangements and table centrepieces for the wedding, getting closer 🙂

Jordan | @JordanBallew

The new Dark Souls DLC has got me excited, so I’ve been playing a lot of Dark Souls 3 and I plan on doing that this weekend, as well as having a ‘Merica barbeque on Sunday in remembrance of the September 11th attacks. I also plan on ordering myself an iPhone 7 Plus. Aside from that, I’m joining a D&D campaign with some friends. Cheers!

Rade | @radeylady

Oz Comic-Con this weekend, so I’m desperately cel-shading stuff so I can get Krieg ready. I’ve also been playing a lot of Fallout 4 and Overwatch (hold your surprise). Both games have recently released new content for their respective games, so I’m testing it out.

It’s a hard job, you guys. But someone has to do it.

Matthew | @Mythor

Might finally be time to dip into World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Legion. Saw a nice looking version of one of the Rogue artifacts and think that might be enough to get me started.

Also, more Path of Exile! A new league (like Diablo’s seasons) has just started and my sword and board Marauder is proving quite fun. If you want to give it a shot we have a small group on the forums offering advice and encouragement. Join us!

And more Fallout 4! I wanna go to Nuka World!

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta play games on Friday. What are you going to play, on the week-end?


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