NASA uses Manus VR Gloves to train astronauts

Remember the Manus VR Gloves we told you about a while ago? Turns out gamers weren’t the only ones impressed by the high-tech controller. NASA is now using the virtual reality gloves to train astronauts and prepare them for life on the International Space Station.

The video above has been sent over by NASA showing how the gloves work in the mixed-reality setting they’ve built. The Manus VR Gloves are used in a virtual recreation of the International Space Station, giving astronauts a true representation of their hands and interaction. (The recreation itself is a thing of beauty – built in Unreal Engine 4 and using NVIDIA PhysX, it’s an example of how “gaming” technology can be used for other purposes, too.)

NASA’s plans don’t stop with just the VR Gloves, either: There are already projects in the works that use the upcoming Manus VR dev kit and the Manus VR Tracking Bracelet, for SteamVR Tracking. Valve is opening SteamVR Tracking to the public, royalty free, starting September 12, and Manus is among the first class of devs to use the technology. The new Tracking Bracelet will add a whole new element to the VR Gloves, bringing positional tracking for the hands and arms to the already-impressive tech.

Manus VR set out to make a data-glove available for everyone, not just the big institutions. In just the past few years, consumer products have actually outdone the bulky, expensive hardware that was once seen as the cutting-edge. Now, both NASA and the average gamer have access to the same technology, no matter what they want to use it for.

We’re expecting more announcements like this from Manus VR (and other, similar companies). If you would like to know more, check out the Manus VR website, and maybe pre-order your own VR Gloves!

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