PlayStation 4 Slim is the new standard, out next week

At today’s PlayStation Meeting, Sony’s Andrew House officially revealed the PlayStation 4 Slim edition, which confirmed all the leaks we’d heard to date, and is launching much sooner than we anticipated.



This is the first time Sony’s acknowledged that anything was going on with the current-model PS4, even though retail boxes leaked late last month.

While everybody has been calling this not-so-secret new model the “Slim”, House simply referred only to “The new PS4 model” – like so:

The new PS4 model is the standard PS4 moving forward.

Like we expected, the hardware is smaller and lighter than the 2013 model, and yes, it does come with a new-look DualShock 4 controller, which has more lights and slightly different coloured buttons.

The new machines will arrive (in the US at least) on September 15, retailing for US$299 in that region (we’re currently chasing local pricing).

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