HDR support coming to all PS4 systems via firmware update

And while everybody was getting super-excited about the new display capabilities of the PS4 Pro, Sony also dropped another quiet bombshell today at the PlayStation Meeting, which will significantly update the way things will look on your current console.

The original PlayStation 4

The original PlayStation 4

All current PS4 consoles – including both the original hardware and the new Slim – will be getting HDR support, thanks to a firmware update rolling out this week.

The PS4 Pro will have full HDR support for games as well as video, which is one of its major selling points.

However, Sony pointed out that – while it looks cool, HDR doesn’t actually use much extra processing power. So we’re not sure what the older consoles will be able to actually use HDR for. Will it be added to games, or just to video? Just to streaming video?

…either way, if you have a compatible display, you’ll be able to enjoy your games with full HDR effects on your PlayStation 4 by – hopefully – this time next week.

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