Sony introduces PlayStation 4 Pro – out in November!

The hardware we’ve been referring to as “PlayStation Neo” has finally been introduced to the world, complete with its new name, official system specs, a comfortable place in the current console family, and a healthy serving of buzzwords – and, importantly, it’ll be out on November 10.

Expect an upgraded GPU (more than double the current model), boosted clock speed, a larger internal HDD (1TB as standard), and – of course – 4K resolution, support for HDR, HDTV and PlayStation VR.

Here you are, folks!

Here you are, folks!

We’re waiting on region-specific pricing, but – in the US at least, it’ll cost just $100 more than the current model, at US$399. This pricepoint is the same as the PS4 when it launched in November, 2013, so it’s obviously one that fans are happy to pay.

Fans are also happy to hear about the game lineup for the new hardware. It’s an interesting situation where there is now a new machine in the current console generation, but Sony’s Andrew House was quick to reassure everybody that there will still be one, unified PlayStation 4 community. All discs and downloads will work on both the standard and the Pro hardware, but Sony is “encouraging” its third-party partners to explore different ways of utilising the abilities of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

So – obviously – there are new games being developed that take full advantage of everything the PS4 has to offer. One of those is Horizon: Zero Dawn – and we were shown a stunning gameplay sequence from Horizon: Zero Dawn, which looks even more gorgeous in HDR/4K than it did when we saw it on a standard machine back at E3.

Something that might be more interesting though, is what Sony calls “Forward compatibility” – a number of older titles, both Sony-published and third-party, will receive patches to enable PS4 Pro features. On stage, while we might have been hoping for Red Dead Redemption, we were instead treated to Shadows of Mordor, shown off in spectacular 4K.

Hopefully we’ll have video examples of these games to show off soon – in the meantime though, start saving your pennies. As well as the new console, you’ll need a brand new 4K TV to take proper advantage of the PS4 Pro… but if all you’ve got is an HDTV or something a bit older, you’ll still be able to use the console. Sony has programmed the machine to recognise what sort of display is connected, so it will work seamlessly no matter what’s plugged in.

More to come on the PlayStation 4 Pro as it’s revealed!

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