Pokémon GO working with Apple Watch

Pokémon GO will be working with the Apple Watch, as announced today at the Apple Event.

Pokémon GO is headed to Apple Watch

Pokémon GO is headed to Apple Watch

The news was announced during the Apple Watch segment of the event, as John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, was invited onstage.

The app will have an egg interface to show players how far they need to walk to hatch their eggs, and then when an egg hatches, players get notified and an animation showing them what Pokémon they have.

The app will also show player’s their level, and how much XP they need to get to the next level.

The app also records your adventure as a workout tracking your distance, calories burned and steps, all being displayed.

Players will be able to see nearby Pokémon and will be notified when a Pokémon appears, so they can pull out their phone to attempt to catch it.

Other notifications include Pokéstops and medals earned.

After the adventure, players are given a summary which features their distance walked, calories burned, the time of the adventure and all of the items collected.

This will certainly work well with the new Pokémon GO buddy system feature coming soon.

The new Apple Watch generation that was announced also features GPS, so that will certainly work alongside Pokémon GO very well.

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