Hero’s Song launches Indiegogo campaign

Pixelmage Games have jumped back into the crowdfunding pool after a disastrous Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year. This time they’ve put their new game, Hero’s Song, up on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. And, perhaps more importantly, they’ve got all their backer tiers sorted out in advance! Apparently people really wanted shirts for backing the game, and now you can have them.

If you’ve not heard of Pixelmage Games it’s the development team put together by former SOE and Daybreak Games CEO John Smedley. If you’ve not heard of Hero’s Song before now, it’s a fantasy action RPG with pixel-art graphics that promises unique worlds with intelligent inhabitants.

Gamers will be able to customise their own worlds to play in, with a selection of gods and other twiddly knobs to play with. Friends can join your world, or you can throw it open to the greater public, with “up to hundreds” all playing in the same world, at the same time.

Dave Mark, Pixelmage’s Senior AI Programmer, was previously involved in the development of the Storybricks AI that was to help power Everquest Next’s living world. It’s been somewhat resurrected in Hero’s Song, with races having history with each other, leading to battles between NPCs for territory or resources, which the player could influence for one side or the other. And still other players could join in to further alter the balance, leading to real power shifts within the world.

Or, potentially, conflict between players themselves, as the core game is intended as a more hardcore experience, where friendly fire is on and PvP is completely open. Though you can twiddle the knobs to keep things friendly if you prefer. Keep an eye out for Mythor’s Wonderful World of Care Bears…

Combat is said to be somewhat akin to Diablo style games, meaning you point and click around the landscape or on monsters to move around and attack. Fights are meant to be a bit slower and more strategic, giving players time to respond to tactics individually or in groups, rather than having everyone just pile on at once. Probably for the best.

With the world building, smarter AI, a bunch of classes and races and a somewhat novel approach to combat, Hero’s Song looks interesting. And the Indiegogo prices are surprisingly reasonable, with the cheapest tier that gets you a copy of the game being a mere $15 USD.

If any of the above sounds interesting, consider preordering Hero’s Song on Indiegogo.

Or wait until it’s on Steam in November (hopefully) for Early Access. Or March 2017 for the full release. Hopefully.

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