A detailed look at all of the Titanfall 2 Titans

We now know all six of the Titans that we will be seeing in Titanfall 2, a little under two months before its release.

(Left to right) Northstar, Ronin, Scorch, Ion, Legion and Tone

(Left to right) Northstar, Ronin, Scorch, Ion, Legion and Tone

All six Titans have ben introduced via trailers uploaded to the official Titanfall Youtube page, as well as descriptions on the website.

Let’s go over them.

First, Legion:

According to the trailer description, Legion, “utilizes an assortment of ballistic abilities focusing on defense and control.”

  • Its primary weapon is the “Predator Cannon,” which looks like your basic mini-gun.
  • Its tactical is “Mode Switch,” which allows the gun to switch to a “long-range mode.”
  • Its defensive option is a gun shield, which essentially just surrounds the barrel of his mini-gun and provides it with extra defense.
  • Its core ability is “Smart Core,” which looks like some sort of auto-lock.
  • Its ordnance is “Power Shot,” which emits a blast from his gun, then Legion proceeds to have a move where it rams his gun into its enemy’s chest, holds the enemy in the air and annihilates it with bullets.

Next is Ion:

The video description says, “Ion uses its energy management abilities to divert power between it’s three weapons systems and is able to deal a devastating laser core that melts everything in its way.”

  • Its primary weapons is its “Splitter Rifle,” a machine gun.
  • Its defensive is, “Vortex Shield,” a shield it emits from its hand.
  • Its ordnance is, “Laser Shot,” literally a loser, shot from its gun.
  • Its tactical is “Tripwire,” modules that it releases that use a tripwire to activate and subsequently explode.
  • Its core ability is “Laser Core,” a massive laser, shot from its core.

Next, Tone:

Tone’s description reads, “Tone is about accurately laying waste to enemies both efficiently – and explosively.”

  • Its primary weapon is its “40mm Tracker Cannon,” a grenade launcher.
  • Its ordnance is “Tracking Rockets,” rockets that lock-on to their target.
  • Its tactical is “Sonar Lock,” which is essentially echolocation, emitting a tone and (even through walls), seeing the enemy.
  • Its defensive is “Particle Wall,” which is a shield that surrounds it.
  • Its core ability is “Salvo Core,” which is a foray of tracking rockets.

Next, we meet Scorch:

According to the video’s description, “Scorch manipulates fire as its primary source of defensive and offensive abilities.”

  • Its primary weapon is its “T-203 Thermite Launcher,” an explosive launcher that works well with its utility
  • Its tactical is its “Incendiary Trap,” an explosive that creates massive destruction along with the thermite launcher.
  • Its defensive is its “Thermal Shield,” a shield that melts incoming artillery and deals damage to close enemies.
  • Its core is “Flame Core,” a wave of fire that melts everything in its path.
  • Its ordnance is “Firewall,” the ability to emit a wall of thermite.

Next is Northstar:

Northstar is described as, “a master of both flight and precision kills, A sniper who can fly.”

  • Its primary weapon is its “Plasma Railgun,” a sniper plasma gun that charges while being zoomed.
  • Its defensive is “Tether Trap,” mines that immobilize nearby Titans.
  • Its tactical is literally the ability to hover.
  • Its ordnance is “Cluster Missile,” a cluster of missiles.
  • Its core is “Flight Core,” hovering and releasing an onslaught of missiles below.

Last but not least is Ronin:

As described, “Ronin loves getting up close with its samurai vibe, and quick to get in and out tactics.”

  • Its primary weapon is its “Leadwall Shotgun,” a low capacity but high-powered shotgun that bounces off walls
  • Its ordnance is “Arc wave,” an electrical wave created by sliding its sword on the ground, damaging and slowing enemies
  • Its tactical is “Phase dash,” where Ronin quickly moves in a direction, phases out of the world, avoids enemy fire and sneaks up on its enemies.
  • Its defensive is “Sword Block,” a block with its sword that can be held forever
  • Its core is “Sword Core,” essentially just making its sword abilities better.

So there’s a detailed description of all of the Titans. Ronin definitely seems like my playing style. Who do you think you will enjoy playing as?


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