Seems like Nintendo might not region lock the NX

Reports are coming in suggesting that Nintendo might not region lock their upcoming console, the NX.

The Nintendo NX is slated for launch in March of 2017

The Nintendo NX is slated for launch in March of 2017

This would be the first time in a while that Nintendo hasn’t region locked a console. Region locking is when a company makes it that a certain digital product they sell cannot be used outside of a specific territory or region. For the most part, it’s entirely ridiculous and harms the majority of consumers that don’t intend on dabbling in the grey markets of gaming, but there are some reasons why it exists that make sense.

Mainly, in order to avoid copyright infringement in specific areas, if a developer locks out copyrighted material in the area where they could be held liable (different countries have different copyright laws), they can avoid annoying lawsuits.

The report of the NX not featuring region locking comes via Let’s Play Video Games. They have two reliable sources that have development kits, and these sources are saying that the kits do not feature region locking, and that they haven’t heard any word that Nintendo is intending on adding it.

At this point, I don’t really care about region locking, I just want Nintendo to go ahead and release some information on this system. It is slated for launch in just six months (March of 2017), and we don’t have anything confirmed by Nintendo.

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