NVIDIA teases a new Fallout 4 Mod – Vault 1080

NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios have released a teaser trailer for a brand new Fallout 4 mod, designed to show off all the power of NVIDIA’s line of graphics cards.

The mod will be set in Vault 1080, which would seem to bend the naming rules a little and further confuse the line between video cards and resolutions. It is NVIDIA’s flagship card number right now though, so we may have to let it slide this time.

Promising “more than an hour of additional gameplay” it certainly looks the part, but whether it will be anything more than a graphical showcase remains to be seen.

Interested? You won’t have to wait very long. The trailer says it is coming “PAX 9/2”.

Is that for the full release, or will they just reveal more details over the weekend at PAX? Your guess is as good as mine!

There’s also no word on whether this will work on AMD based GPUs, obviously. It’s very likely to run, but any weaknesses will doubtless be exploited.

Would you like to see more content done like this? There aren’t a lot of games as open to modding as Bethesda titles of course, but additional high quality content has to be a good thing, right?

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