Surprise! Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is out now

Well, did not see this one coming!

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of Titan Quest’s original release THQ Nordic (formerly Nordic Games) have bundled up a bunch of fixes, updates, community patches and the Immortal Throne expansion into one big package.

And, if you already own the original game in some form on Steam, you’ve been given Titan Quest Anniversary Edition completely free! Those who have not picked it up before can buy it for the outrageously low price of $4.99 USD during the release window.

The regular price for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition will be $19.99, which would still be a reasonably good deal.

If you missed it the first time round, Titan Quest is set in a kind of mashup of the ancient world, spanning Greece, Egypt and Asia. Much of the game is based on Greek mythology, so expect to do battle with Medusa, Cyclops and satyrs, along with some less fantastical foes like bears and other humans.

Titan Quest was one of many Diablo clones released after the runaway success of Diablo 2, but unlike a lot of the others it tried a variety of very different ideas. Instead of choosing just one class, players could mix and match between two, vastly increasing class diversity.

And if that sounds familiar to you from the more recent Grim Dawn… yes, Titan Quest is the game some of Crate Entertainment worked on, and the engine used in Grim Dawn owes a lot to Titan Quest.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition also restores multiplayer to the game, with built-in voice chat, via Steam magic. Also thanks to Steam, achievements, trading cards and perhaps the biggest surprise – Workshop support. Modders rejoice!

The other changes to the game are simply far too numerous to detail here. The full changelog must be about 20 pages, but you can read it here if you’d like.

You can also buy it from if you prefer a DRM-free option. They’ve been a bit cheeky with that “release trailer” because it’s the one from 10 years ago. Still stands up today, just like the game itself.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is out now for PC. You should consider buying it with modern money, unless you can find somewhere that takes gold pieces.

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