Steam advises that there are no special No Man’s Sky refunds

Refunds for the game on PC have gone through the roof, prompting many people to think that there could be some special policies towards refund for the game at the moment.

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky

However, Steam has advised that there are no special refund policies for the game, despite countless reports of people receiving refunds even when they were outside of the policies, as outlined in this massive Reddit thread.

The information can be seen above the buy button

The information can be seen above the buy button

The thread also contains ways that some believe could up your chances of receiving a refund through specific language and other reports, like that of a user:

You can apply for the refund as you usually do. Hopefully, I saved a lot of people some money that would be better used. Reapply if need be, select reason as bad performance or false advertising.

The game, especially on PC, has been plagued with crashes and framerate drops amongst other things. Support on PlayStation has been somewhat better, but not by much.

The game itself feels lacking, much like a shell of a much better game that it could be made into.

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