Ben Affleck teases us with mysterious Deathstroke footage

Ben Affleck, the current Batman as well as the director of the next Batman film, is currently shooting Justice League.

However, the star teased us earlier with footage of Deathstroke on Twitter, although there are no details other than just what we see in the tweet.

As expected, speculation is going wild all over the star’s Twitter. It is unknown whether or not the assassin is in Justice League or another DC project that Affleck is involved in somehow.

A very interesting (and farfetched) catch by a Twitter user shows that when Affleck moves the camera at one point, there is a “Titan cool” unit in frame.

Of course, Deathstroke, otherwise known as Slade Wilson, was originally a Teen Titans villain, so is it possible that we will be seeing the Titans in the Justice League film, even if it is just a short cameo like that of Batman and the Flash in Suicide Squad? Probably not, but it is an interesting speculation.

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