Pokémon GO Dataminer digs up some new details

Pokémon GO is still finding its way into the occasional headline, usually because somebody is upset that Niantic screwed something up, but no press is bad press, right?

Gotta catch 'em all - but be careful!

Gotta catch ’em all – but be careful!

The latest news to come for the game comes from a Reddit dataminer named cokuspocus in a post he made outlining some interesting findings he had.

His language is a bit confusing to understand, so here are some major highlights:

  • An incense called “Spicy Incense” that he suggests might be used to only attract fire Pokémon, as well as “Coral Incense” and “Floral Incense” to possibly attract water and grass types, respectively.
  • A code that reads “activity_catch_legend_pokemon” which is much like the regular catching code of “activity_catch_pokemon” but probably for catching legendaries.
  • Codes that read “fort” instead of gym, that he suggests may be another gym-type location that will be introduced that features the ability to recall Pokémon
  • A bunch of code that shows that trading is definitely going to be a thing very soon as it is already in the game and just needs to be activated

To get the full details, you can read his post at the link above. I think that the introduction of forts might mean that gyms will change and become a place where players can one-on-one battle/train, and forts will become what gyms are now.

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