PS4 Slim will finally support 5 Ghz Wifi

It seems as though the upcoming mid-gen console will finally add support for 5 Ghz wifi.

PS4 Slim consoles are everywhere at this point. Loads of people have managed to get their hands on them, and one of those people is Twitter user shortmaneighty2.

The user has been posting about the console with screenshots and pictures to back up his claims, and one of the most recent ones shows that the PS4 Slim will, in fact, support 5 Ghz Wifi.

5 Ghz Wifi is important because it is able to transmit higher amounts of data, and is a much less congested band, the only drawback being that it doesn’t travel through walls as well as the more “traditional” 2.4 Ghz.

For players that are unable to use a direct ethernet connection, 5 Ghz is the next best option.

The PS4 Slim is expected to be announced at Sony’s September 7th PlayStation event in New York.

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