Dark Souls and Silent Hill inspired Stranger Things

The Duffer Brothers, the masterminds behind the hit Netflix Original Stranger Things, have given a lot of credit for their inspirations, including movies and video games.

The list of Stranger Things inspirations is too long to count

The list of Stranger Things inspirations is too long to count

In a recent interview with IGN, the brothers spoke about how two games in particular truly inspired how they created the ambience of the Upside Down, with Ross saying:

“Silent Hill is the one most people have picked up on,

“Because that’s the least subtle one with the look of the Upside Down and with all the fog and the forest dripping. Obviously we were really looking at that game for visualising this other world, so that’s a big one.”

Then with Matt adding:

“The Last of Us,

“I love that game and the storytelling in that game and a lot of the imagery. We’re huge, huge fans of the Dark Souls games, and there’s something about when you’re playing Dark Souls – immediately when you’re in that world, it was to do with the imagery, it has to do with the sound design, and you’re just immediately very uncomfortable and on edge. We wanted you to feel that way when you’re in the Upside Down.

“There’s a lot of different influences, and some of them I’m probably not even aware of. I just know that we do play and have always played a lot of video games so I feel like there is a lot of that seeped into the show.

It’s so cool to finally be in an era where seriously good filmmakers are at the right age to where they grew up with video games. The elements of video games can be felt in so many different great shows, especially Stranger Things, which would make an incredible horror-thriller game itself

Stranger Things has not been renewed for a second season yet, but do to its massive success, we can be sure it will be.

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