Free-to-Play Halo Online shut down after just a year

Halo Online, a free-to-play experimental game released to Russia, has been shut down completely. The game was an experiment to see how Microsoft could develop a similar game as Call of Duty Online in China, but ultimately it has failed.

halo online

Halo Online

According to a post by Halo Online on the Russian social media network VK (roughly translated via Google):

Friends! We told you that the break is temporary and soon the game starts again. Like you, we are waiting for news from Halo Online developers and hoping for an early announcement. But over the past six months, our colleagues from Microsoft and failed to take decisions on the future of the project. Now we know only one thing – the current form of the game will not be released. In order not to deceive your hopes and expectations of new users, we close the Halo Online page on Fogeyme and freeze in the VK Group. This decision was not easy for us, but we understand that there is nothing worse than uncertainty. If suddenly you do not have time to get compensation money spent on set pervoispytatelya – until August 30, you can easily do it on the site. Work on the on the universe of Halo project was a real challenge that we could not take without you – Spartans from Halo Online. Thank you for your loyalty, honesty and dedication. John-117 would be proud of us! See you in other worlds Fogeyma. Of Halo Online Team

Hey, I did say roughly translated.

I’m sure that, while Russia is a large market, Microsoft was not as concerned with Halo Online as it is with the bigger projects like Scorpio and the Xbox One S, so it doesn’t surprise me that the game was low on their priority list. It does suck for the Russian fans, though.

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