Thank Gaming It’s Friday! August 26th, 2016

Welcome to Player Attack’s TGIF, a weekly feature where we discuss what we’re doing over the weekend whether it’s games, movies, TV, books or anything else! We’d love to hear what you’re up to as well – heck, you might come across some like-minded people and become super friends!

Matthew | @Mythor

More No Man’s Sky for me! But probably not a whole lot more, unless a new patch hits for PS4. Crashes are really starting to take their toll on my enjoyment of the game.

Instead I will probably cook up a new combination of Fallout 4 mods and begin another new character ahead of next week’s Nuka World DLC. My current collection of mods leaves the game a little too unstable.

… and this week I’ll actually start watching Mr Robot, unlike last week. When I forgot.

Jordan | @JordanBallew

I plan on eating a lot of food and playing a lot of No Man’s Sky. Summer is coming to a close here, so maybe I’ll try to get out and about and socialize. Maybe. I also plan on exploring some indie titles on Steam, just for a good bit a fun.

Rade | @radeylady

Con crunch is on with Oz Comic-Con being about two weeks away. You know what this means? Procrastination until the last minute with a panic-induced crafting session the night before.

Or I’ll just wear Krieg. iuno?

Mike | @MikeNotridge

If you’ve followed my thoughts on No Man’s Sky over the last few episodes of the Untitled Podcast with Rade it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that I’ve decided to not play it anymore. It just isn’t for me, I gave it a good long go, I’m happy for those that are happy with it.

Saturday will be mostly spent getting myself sized and fitted and whatnot for my wedding suit while also doing other such related things.

Sunday as it stands is housework in the morning and then a good hearty dose of bugger-all for the rest of the day…we’ll see though…something is bound to come up 🙂

We have plans! Do you have plans? Are your plans as yet unplanned? Let us know.

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