Master of Orion out of Early Access and $20 cheaper

This one has sort of crept up on us. The new Master of Orion has escaped out of Early Access on Steam and into full release. The game is a reboot of the venerable 4X series, rather than a sequel, and once again tasks players with taking over the galaxy and crushing all who stand in the way of your species’ domination.

Or making peace like filthy space hippies, whatever.

Jonny spoke with Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi on the history of this reboot.

While Steam reviews are “Mostly Positive”, for whatever that’s worth, there is one thing worthy of caution.

Throughout the Early Access period the game was listed on Steam for $49.99 USD. Now, on release day, the game can be had for the much lower price of $29 USD. Huh?

It seems the $49.99 price was for the Collector’s Edition, that includes the following:

  • The exclusive Terran race of militant humans to play in the game
  • Special pixelated ship models available in the game for a more retro feel
  • All three legendary original games – Master of Orion 1, 2, and 3
  • A nearly 300-page Art Book (in digital format) showing the progress of the game’s art along with the original concept art and line drawings
  • Music files from the game and printable music scores

If all those things sound important to you they’re offering a 15% launch discount, bringing the price down to $42.49 USD. If nothing else, $13.49 is a nice price for two of the best 4X games ever made… and you get Master of Orion 3 as well!

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