New Fallout Shelter update adds lovable characters from Nuka-World

Fans of Fallout Shelter will be satisfied to know that the game is adding Bottle and Cappy, the two mascots of Nuka-World, in its latest update.


Bottle and Cappy are the adorable mascots of Nuka-World, the setting of the latest and final Fallout 4 DLC

According to the update notes:

Thanks to the continuing hard work of our engineers, Vault-Tec is proud to bring you another fantastic update!

Overseers are reporting increased happiness and riches for dwellers returning from quests. We’ve added tons more Quests for these adventurous explorers.

New Quest Types – Introducing weekly and special limited time quests with some exciting rewards. Play them while they last!

Bottle and Cappy, Fallout 4’s Nuka-World mascots are here to bring fun and happiness to your vault. Complete their quest and they will begin to visit your vault bearing gifts!

Is there a quest you just don’t want to do? Now you can skip Quests with Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Everyone loves a challenge, so we added new ones.

Please don’t tap on the mascots.

Do it. Tap the mascots. It will give you the rewards that the update notes talks about.

Fallout Shelter is available for Android, iOS and PC. This is the first update since the PC debut of the game in July.


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