No Man’s Sky PC player count plummets

The PC side of No Man’s Sky has seen an intense drop in player counts in the past two weeks.

The numbers aren't look great

The numbers aren’t look great

According to statistics generated by SteamSpy, the player count plummeted from 212, 604 at launch to a very sad 20,831 as of the August 23rd.

The counts provided only represent the number of players playing simultaneously, but it is still a good marker for gauging the popularity of a game.

Most games, especially single player experiences, see a decline in players, but a decline of this scale typically happens in two months, not two weeks.

So what is it about No Man’s Sky that people don’t like?

I know that as I play the game, it feels incomplete. Not because there isn’t a storyline or some massive revelation in the center of the galaxy, but because the features of the game are so lacking.

The game feels like one of two things: either a trial version to give a taste of the full game, or a game that you could get for free on Steam. In no way is the game, as beautiful as it is, worth $60.

Once updates come to fix the massive bugs that litter the game, it will be interesting to see how it goes then. It also will be interesting to see if they add DLC of some kind.

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