Battlefield 1 Premium Pass detailed – you get what you pay for

Don’t act like you didn’t see this one coming. EA has revealed the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, which not only gives gamers all four of the “themed digital expansion packs” (that’d be what we called DLC back in the day), but also two weeks of early access to each one. The first – They Shall Not Pass – is set to roll out in March 2017, adding the French army to the game’s multiplayer.

Does what it says on the tin.

Does what it says on the tin.

If you’re not a fan of the French, rest assured the Russians are on their way, too.

In terms of expansion packs, the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass includes:

  • Two-week early access to each expansion pack
  • Play as new armies including France in Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass, and the Russian Empire in an upcoming expansion pack
  • 16 new multiplayer maps
  • New Operations and game modes for more ways to play
  • New Elite classes
  • 20 new weapons
  • New vehicles

But then there’s more! You’ll also get 14 Battlepacks, containing “stand-out weapon skins”. These will be delivered to you monthly, starting November 2016. There are also 14 unique dog tags that will be distributed across roughly the same timeframe.

Battlefield 1 – as we all know by now – promises to be the most immersive and dynamic Battlefield game ever, with DICE carefully crafting the dawn of all-out war. The game features a completely new way to play multiplayer, and you’d better believe the studio is putting a whole lotta effort into the game’s dynamic weather system.

Battlefield 1 launches worldwide on October 21, for Xbox One, PC and PS4. If you want to get in early, snag the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition and start playing on Otctober 18… or sign up for EA Access on Xbox One (or Origin Access on PC) and jump in on October 13 – plus, you’ll snag a 10% discount for picking up a digital version on your respective platform.

Or, y’know, wait until the game’s in stores and then pick it up then. We shouldn’t encourage publishers to do this sort of thing, okay?

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