There have been a few Dark Souls 3 DLC leaks

It seems that a few leaks of the DLC for Dark Souls 3 have made their way through the cracks.

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3

The report comes from a Japanese website, as translated by SiliconEra, and it says:

Bandai Namco announced in Japanese video game magazines this week that Dark Souls III is getting its first DLC on October 26.

In Japan the DLC will go for 1,200 yen, with a season pass for both the first and second DLC as a set for 2,000 yen. The season pass also includes an original PS4 theme. The screenshot from the magazine shows a new area covered in snow.

As far as the new weapons and magic go, there are images showing a great sword with colorless flames, magic that looks like an icy storm along with one that looks like a circular boomerang made of light. The new PvP-exclusive map is called “Immortal Competition.”

Definitely exciting news, although a tweet by the PlayStation Twitter account (which has since been deleted) says that the DLC is coming October 25th, but we can chalk that up to time differences as of now.

The tweet has since been deleted

The tweet has since been deleted

The tweet also reveals the name of the DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, and that there is a trailer on the way.

Dark Souls is definitely the best in the genre right now, so I am thrilled for more content to come.

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