New detail on Ant-Man and the Wasp

New details on the upcoming film Ant-Man and the Wasp have been released.

Michael Pena as Luis in Ant-Man

Michael Pena as Luis in Ant-Man

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Michael Pena, the actor behind Scott Lang’s friend Luis, will reprise his role in the film. They also reported that shooting for the film is set to begin sometime in the coming year.

The actor has also signed on to be in a Columbia Pictures horror film, The Bringing.

Director Peyton Reed also spoke earlier this year about the role of Evangeline Lilly’s character the Wasp:

It’s something we’re excited about. For me as a comic nerd, I always thought of Ant-Man and Wasp as a team and that’s a lot of what the second movie is really about is how they work together, what their personal and professional relationships are like. To show her finally fully formed in this movie is really exciting. We really get to introduce this character into that universe. I mean we’ve introduced the character, but we haven’t seen her with her full power set and everything, so to me she’s not a supporting character in this movie. It’s every bit as much her movie as it is Scott Lang’s.

It’s exciting to see a very central female character in an MCU movie! Hopefully she gets due representation.

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