The PS4 Slim is very real, watch it boot up [Updated]

Update: Eurogamer has since removed the video after receiving “legal advice”

The PS4 Slim is definitely a thing, as images have surfaced of the console online, and even better, a video.


Pictures don’t mean much. Anybody could 3D print a slimmer PS4 model and report it to be a Slim, and that’s what everyone was thinking of pictures that were released:

Well, Eurogamer has since proven the pictures to be real, as they visited a reader’s house who says he bought the console off of Gumtree. They filmed a video showing the PS4 Slim booting up, and played around a bit with the OS.

Eurogamer also says that the console will be released shortly after the September 7th event, where it is rumored that the PS4 Neo will be announced.

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