Mario closes out the 2016 Rio Olympics

In what’s been a strange year for Nintendo with an almost barren calendar of notable releases, their foray into mobile apps, the rise and fall of their stocks after the release of Pokémon Go… it came as a huge surprise that the 2016 Rio Olympics were closed with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe appearing on-stage via warp pipe. Don’t believe me?

In case you’re confused as to why this even happened, Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Olympic Games and the closing ceremony of any Olympics is usually ended with a passing of the torch (pun intended) to the city/country hosting the next games.

Of course, the internet went wild.

And just to be sure that Japan wasn’t kidding around with putting Mario up front in their announcement, they ended their glitzly showcase with the end stage fanfare from the games.

Along with the internet, the stocks market loved the closing ceremony too.

While it’s pretty fantastic to watch Japan make some fun with their handover performance, which also featured other iconic Japanese characters such as Doraemon and Pacman, we couldn’t help but notice the distinct lack of another video game character who’s also frequently featured prominently alongside a certain plumber during the Olympics…

mario sonic olympics

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