Overwatch releases new animated short: ‘The Last Bastion’

As previously teased, Blizzard Entertainment have released a new animated short for Overwatch.

First debuted at Gamescom, the newest short marks the fifth to be released and focuses on the adorably deadly robot, Bastion.

Pulled straight from the annals of Overwatch lore, Bastion was part of an army of peacekeeping robots who were turned against their human creators during the Omnic Crisis. After quelling his new found Marxist blood lust, Bastion became inactive for over a decade before finally awaking due to “an intense curiosity about the natural world and its inhabitants.”



Apart from being a niffy little short, ‘The Last Bastion’ also has ties to the new map hitting Overwatch in September.

The map is named Eichenwalde and is a new payload/assault hybrid map set in an abandoned village on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany. The map has specific sentimentality to our robot friend (if he has such emotions), as it was the battle site between the Omnics and the German defense force. It also just happens to be where the ol’ tin can woke up!

Previous Overwatch animated shorts have focused on the characters Winston, Widowmaker and Tracer, Hanzo and Genji, and good old Soldier: 76; and can be watched here.


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