Thank Gaming It’s Friday! August 19th, 2016

Welcome to Player Attack’s TGIF, a weekly feature where we discuss what we’re doing over the weekend whether it’s games, movies, TV, books or anything else! We’d love to hear what you’re up to as well – heck, you might come across some like-minded people and become super friends!

Mike | @MikeNotridge

Is it Friday again?

Thank GOD!

It’s a weekend of chilling for me, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided review incoming so keep an eye out for that.

Gonna work my way through a couple of reader’s requests for the Videogame Shoebox, too.

Otherwise I think it’s a weekend of doing washing and eating bad food while catching up on some podcasts, speaking of, check out Rade & I’s latest episode of Player Attack’s Untitled Podcast, it was a great one to record 🙂


Matthew | @Mythor

No Man’s Sky? Lots and lots of it. Ship shopping, 20 million Units burning a hole in my pocket… I’ve come a long way since that starting planet!

Also going to try that Mr Robot show everyone’s always raving about. It has Robot in the title, it is likely to be relevant to my interests?

Rade | @radeylady

This weekend is SMASH, which is a anime convention. I’m kinda sad that I can go because I haven’t cosplayed in a while (HAVING WITHDRAWALS, MAN) but I get to go to Paintball for a tournament and hang out with cool people. IRL FPS anyone?

Jonny Robot | @JonnyTheRobot

Ah, the weekend. What a beautiful, if not distant, memory.

In between a metric butt-tonne of academic hooey, this kid plans to sneak some breaks in to explore the galaxies of No Man’s Sky and finally start watching Stranger Things!

Hopefully I can get ahead of my workload and free up September, as it’s the best month of the gaming calendar. Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s EA Sports month!!

Well, we’re sorted. What are you playing/watching/splattering this weekend?

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