Overwatch may get a free trial and more

According to a few dataminers, Overwatch could be getting a trial.

Via post on Overpwn, dataminers have reported that Overwatch’s trial is in the code, saying:

New strings relating to an Overwatch free trial have been datamined. This goes well with other Blizzard titles which also have trials available and we should get more information on soon.

  • Sorry, the Overwatch Free Trial is not available at this time.
  • Group members using trial cannot enter competitive play.
  • Not available for trial.

It is a normal thing for Blizzard to do, so it isn’t entirely unexpected.

The miners also uncovered a few other interesting things:

Last season we saw the Ilios map featured which rewarded us with a spray. Season 2 is all about Route 66.

Route 66 spray

Route 66 spray

In addition to these images of the spray and play menu button, there’s some strings too which indicate season 2 will work similar to season 1 in that 10 placement matches must be played to get a ranking.

  • 10 Placement matches
  • Skill rating determined (1-5000)
  • Skill rating adjusts after each win or loss
  • Matches last multiple rounds
  • Earn points by taking objectives
  • Most points win!

As Jeff Kaplan explained in the recent season 2 developer update, competitive mode¬†will now have different tiers in addition to your skill level number. We’ve found icons for these¬†and made them available below. The ones that are pure white have been placed on an orange background for visual clarity.

New graphics on the way

New graphics on the way

More new graphics

More new graphics

Datamining is something I love reading about but would never have the patience to do. For full details I encourage you to check out the original post here.


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