Our No Man’s Sky starting planet stories

One of the joys of a procedurally generated gamespace is never knowing where you might start, or what could be over that hill. No Man’s Sky has an entire galaxy’s worth of procedurally generated planets and everyone gets their very own planet to start on. What you see when you boot up the game could be vastly different to where I started. And that first planet may never be seen by human eyes ever again.

Which is kind of a shame, isn’t it? This is the place that birthed your adventure! With unique challenges, stunning vistas… and slogging through radioactive rain trying to piece your first starship together.

We here at Player Attack decided to take notes on our starter planets, in the hope you might find them interesting. And we’d love to hear your stories, too!

Matthew | @Mythor
Planet Name: Partizaniem
Environmental Conditions: 25C, Toxic


Notes: In the lead up to the release of No Man’s Sky I joked a number of times that I would end up with a toxic homeworld, so I probably brought this upon myself. Fortunately there’s plenty of resources good for recharging my environmental shielding and the Sentinels aren’t too nosy, mostly.

What’s hard to tell from my starting location is that I was perched atop a protrusion in a wide valley, so trips away necessitated a lot of jetpack usage to land safely on the way down. And long bursts of assisted climbing to get back up!

The other two planets in my home star system (which has been imaginatively titled “Mythor’s Home System”) were equally uninviting, but the first hyperspace jump of the game has lead me to this beauty. Might just hang out here for a bit…


Jonny Robot | @JonnyTheRobot
Planet Name: Irapakosrey (Renamed to Ice Oceanus Terrae: The Ocean of Ice)
Environmental Conditions: Wintery. Nights drop to -61.8C


Notes: Of all the planets in all the galaxies in all the universe, my intrepid explorer awakes on a world ruled by ice and wind. It takes a real cruel space irony for my climate of birth to be my biggest opponent in life once again…


After surviving a torrential blizzard mere seconds after gaining consciousness, I set about exploring my very own lake ridden tundra; and to my surprise it was teeming with life! And just like that, my inner Darwin burst forth, as I started documenting all the life I could find and rabidly sorting them into families and subfamilies. I know. Coolest cat in space, right!?


This is what the exploration of new worlds means to me, cataloguing and documenting new life…and a healthy amount of strip mining and playing the intergalactic market. Alas, academia doesn’t pay the bills!


Jordan| @jordanballew
Planet Name: Xishanns-Oug Efteka (Renamed Ballew-1a)
Environmental Conditions: 5.9C, Toxic
Weather: Irradiated
Sentinels: Average
Flora: Rich
Fauna: Occasional


Notes: I had no idea how to play this game going in, so needless to say I died almost immediately. My first planet has abundant iron and isotopes, and some very angry sentinels that caused me to meet an early demise. I almost died again, but I managed to escape and I explored the vast tunnels for a bit, finding a lot of carbon, some gold. I then left the caves and began the trek to restore my ship, but then I find another crashed ship and decided to restore that one.

First Ship:


Second Ship:


Took me a while to find fauna, but I eventually did:


I learned a few words from knowledge stones: rare, warning and korvax.

I finally, after taking ages to walk across what felt like the entire universe, found some heridium, and I managed to fully restore my ship. I finally got out of there. The planet was ugly and no fun at all.


Anyone got any fun stories or shots from their adventures in the No Man’s Sky galaxy? Share them in the comments below, we’d love to see them!

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