Redditor maxes out exosuit, starship and multi-tool in No Man’s Sky on his starting planet

A redditor has managed to max out his exosuit, starship and multi-tool slots while also attaining Atlas Pass blueprints in No Man’s Sky – all without leaving his starting planet.

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It took redditor DoxtorFeelgood 25+ hours to manage this feat, and his home planet had 24/7 acid rain.

According to his comments, got around resource limitations on the planet by visiting trading posts and using the trade network. His home planet also had gold which helped him obtain units for his ventures.

He searched all over the planet for crashed ships and distress beacons for his suit and ship upgrades. He also managed to locate many drop pods for his exosuit upgrades.

This man’s patience in unimaginable to me, with my recent ventures into the game being extremely stressful.

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