Harley Quinn and Deadshot coming to Injustice 2

Harley Quinn and Deadshot are on their way to the brawl, as announced at Gamescom.

Harley as she appears for most of the trailer

Harley as she appears for most of the trailer

This is the second time both characters have been in the games, except Harley was playable, and Deadshot was simply and easter egg as he stood against a pillar on the Stryker’s Island level.

Harley definitely gets the most of the trailer, as would be expected given her level of insanity. The trailer showcases her hitting the Bat with her bat, as well as her hammer, dynamite, hyenas and more. The trailer also showcases three of her outfits, including one that is an updated take on her classic jester outfit.

Deadshot comes in guns blazing as it shows him taking on Batman and absolutely annihilating him, finishing him off with an over-the-shoulder, blind sniper shot at point-blank range.

Their reveal trailer can be seen below, as well as another trailer that showcases a few more characters set to appear, including Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Gorilla Grodd and Atrocitus.

Fighting game trailers always tend to be a bit more exciting than the actual games themselves, but I found Injustice: Gods Among Us to be extremely fun to play with friends, and I am excited to check out the next game in the series.

Injustice 2 has no official release date other than “Coming 2017.”

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