Joke “Half-Life 3” ad displayed at Gamescom

An added was displayed at Gamescom today that appeared to be advertising Half-Life 3, but unfortunately, it was not.

The ad actually said:

Half-Life: 3
Editors who played it back then

The ad in question

The ad in question

The ad was a joke meant to say that employees of the two companies that took out the ad, Spieletipps and GIGA Games, once played the original game.

Yes, this is a lame publicity stunt that sucks for all of us fans, and nobody should laugh or be happy about it.

There has been next to nothing as far as truthful news of the game’s existence goes, and at this point, I’m not sure that the game itself could live up to the expectation it would have if it ever were to be released.

The most recent news of the game was when the series writer left Valve in January, and that there was some Half-Life-related code in Dota 2.

At this point, all of that means nothing, but if it comes to anything, Player Attack will be on it.

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