Spotify wants to be your gaming soundtrack

So many video games have killer soundtracks these days, it’s not surprising more and more people want to listen to them even when they’re not sitting in front of a console. This is where Spotify steps in, with a brand new service offering your favourite game soundtracks and a selection of curated playlists all in the same place.

Create your own gaming playlist at Spotify Gaming, or simply browse the collections that are currently on offer. There are playlists available from Day[9], Sneaky Zebra and the team at Mashable, as well as a bunch of others (we’re currently putting ours together)… and then there are some that have been created to capture a mood or an experience: An “epic rap mix” called Power Gaming, some classic synthwave vibes in RetroWave / Outrun, and a few tracks thrown together for the Heavy Gamer.

Then there are the soundtracks… expect new releases like No Man’s Sky, classics like the original Halo, the Simlish serenades of the original Sims, Anamanaguchi’s bleeps and bloops from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game and – if you’ve really gotta catch ’em all – there’s plenty of Pokémon tucked away here too.

The new Gaming category is available for Spotify users across all platforms, including iOS, Android, Desktop, PlayStation and online. Take your pick and #PlayYourWay!

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