New patent features evidence of detachable controllers for Nintendo NX

A new patent has been filed by Nintendo that further solidifies the rumors that the Nintendo NX, Nintendo’s next console, will feature detachable controllers.

Nintendo NX - March 2017

Nintendo NX – March 2017

The patent shows an accessory that attaches to small screen, visibly similar to the controller of the Wii U, that turns the screen into its own controller. The information suggests that the inputs from the accessory will be sent through an infrared camera into a receiver in the screen device.

One of the input processes

One of the input processes

The patent shows in great detail the way in which the screen and accessories will work in tandem. The infrared receiver will obtain the “image” as captured by the infrared camera, at which point the device goes through the process of “If…Then…” for whether or not a specific “Reference Marker” and “Process Marker” is detected. It then goes forward with launching the process as determined by the “Process Marker.” The patent also details a few other processes that the controller will go through. The use of the cameras also suggests that there will be less wired electronics, therefore lowering the cost.

The screen device itself looks to be about the size as the average handheld gaming device. Whether or not this means that the controller itself will feature portable games is unknown.

The Nintendo NX is most likely gearing up for a launch in March of 2017.

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