No Man’s Sky has a game breaking bug

No Man’s Sky is doing pretty well right now. Though the reviews (of which there aren’t many) are coming out fairly mixed, those who love the game seem to really love it. Hopefully a new game breaking bug doesn’t sway anyone’s opinions too far before it gets fixed.

No Man's Sky is receiving mixed reviews as they begin to come out

No Man’s Sky is receiving mixed reviews as they begin to come out

The bug was pointed out by a Reddit user and has to do with the ship that came as a preorder bonus. The ship comes with a hyperdrive, something that players who did not preorder have to grind for hours to get in order to be able to do intergalactic travel. This seems like a great plus, except that it skips the tutorial for how to create a hyperdrive for those who started with one:

If you (the player) finally give in (like I did) to the annoying-ass message in the bottom right of the screen telling you you have unclaimed rewards during a specific part in the tutorial (before receiving and building the hyperdrive), the game will skip over this section of the tutorial completely, and move on like nothing happened, with no hint to the player that anything is wrong. In reality, the player ends up starting the game without the ability to build the essential item that allows you to get around and progress in the game. What basically happens is the player obtains a ship with a hyperdrive, but not through the proper way of finding the blueprint and building one themselves and attaching it to their crashed ship, but just getting it by redeeming the pre-order ship. I guess the tutorial just sees the hyperdrive box checked and moves on, lmao. So you get the one hyperdrive that comes pre-installed in the pre-order ship, and that’s it.

What this means is that as these players travel, if they decide to upgrade to a better ship, they get stuck with a ship with no hyperdrive, and no way of making one. As the Reddit user points out:

“I’m stuck with a ship with no hyperdrive, with no way to make a hyperdrive.¬†Essentially freezing my progress permanently until this bug is fixed, or I accept defeat and delete my save with like a dozen hours on it, and start over. Whichever comes first.”

So hopefully Hello does something to rectify this situation so that players don’t have to delete their save data, but for now, don’t skip any tutorials or travel too far without learning how to create a hyperdrive.


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