New trailer provides insight into Pokémon Sun and Moon’s Team Skull

The island vibes are real in the latest trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Alola form Marowak and Meowth, Morelull, and Alola form Raichu

Alola form Marowak and Meowth, Morelull, and Alola form Raichu

In the trailer, we get to know Team Skull a little bit more by seeing a couple grunts, and we also meet some more important characters in the squad.



First, we meet Plumeria, called the “Big Sister” of Team Skull. Her dialogue as shown reads, “You know what I mean right? You picking on my cute, dumb brothers and sisters is really annoying me!” The challenge she issues then reads: You are challenged by Team Skull Admin Plumeria!



Next, we meet Guzma, the “Big Boss” of Team Skull. His dialogue reads, “Here we are, Kukui… Fellow rejects who never could become captains. Wanna see what destruction looks like? Here it is in human form – it’s your boy Guzma!” The challenge then reads: You are challenged by Team Skull Boss Guzma!

What exactly he means by saying, “Fellow rejects who never could become captains,” is unclear, but perhaps they couldn’t become boating captains, and his route after was to join Team Skull.

In the trailer, we also meet some new Pokémon: Wishiwashi in both solo and school form, and Pyukumuku, both water types, and Morelull, a grass and fairy type.

Wishiwashi seems like a pretty average fish in solo form, but then when it reaches a certain level it goes into school form, and it seems much more powerful.

Pyukumuku seems like a pretty average water type, with his ability being: Innards out. The Pokémon has a large hand-type thing that appears to come out of its mouth.

Morelull is a grass and fairy type with the ability Illuminate/Effect Spore. It doesn’t really show much after this or explain anything, other than a mushroom popping up and somehow affecting the foe.

We also get to meet some new Alolan-form Pokémon! Meowth, Marowak and Raichu. Meowth is now Dark, Marowak is now Fire/Ghost and looks awesome, and Raichu Electric/Psychic. Alola Raichu’s speed also doubles when Electric Terrain is active.

This new trailer can be watched below, and is filled with some exciting new information on the game as we gear up for its November 18th release.

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