Bethesda looking into making games for the NX

Not much is known about the mysterious NX, but Bethesda is considering making games for it.

Pete Hines

Pete Hines

In an interview with IGN at Quakecon, the company’s vice president Pete Hines discussed the potential of Bethesda releasing games on the NX platform.

“Obviously we haven’t put anything out there [definitively about the NX]

“It’s absolutely something that we’re looking into and we’ll see what comes of it.”

Hines said that Bethesda is in talks with Nintendo “all the time.”

Hines seems somewhat reluctant to support the console, but not based off of any knowledge on what it may or may not be, but instead because he says that developing for any console is dependent upon the developers, not the publishers.

The NX is absolutely on our radar and something that we’re looking at, but it’s always a game-by-game, developer-by-developer evaluation,

Not, we sit back as a publisher and say, ‘We’re going to support the NX.'”

So perhaps the studio behind Fallout isn’t entirely concerned with whether or not they will be releasing games to the console, but it does seem like they are willing to, should the console meet the specs of the games that they are trying to create.

Nintendo plans to release the console in March of 2017.

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