A look at Pokémon GO’s new (in beta) tracking feature

I know what you’re thinking. “Pokémon GO? People still actually care about that? I thought Niantic had a bunch of horrible updates that caused them to lose a bunch of players.”

And you would be right. Niantic has recently had numerous updates that have truly screwed up the game that, at first, seemed like a huge, and somewhat lasting, hit. From removing the tracking features, to the legendary bird drama and taking down 3rd-party tracking sites, it seems like Niantic has become hell-bent on losing as many players as they possibly can in the quickest time possible.

Well, it seems that they have heard at least a bit of the griping from fans, and have decided to start beta testing a new tracking feature.

Some players in the San Francisco area have been gifted the tracking feature in a beta form. It appears that by selecting the nearby Pokémon tab, it will bring up a window that shows nearby Pokémon, and then shows what Pokéstop they are closest to.

It can be seen in this video posted by Jackson Palmer:

This new feature, while better than nothing, definitely seems like a lot less fun. I remember on my first day playing GO, I went to my local park and ran all around trying to track down a Vulpix which I ultimately found and successfully captured as my slave Pokémon.

Either way, it’s nice to Niantic is doing something to ADD to GO, rather than just taking everything away.

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