Sony may announce the PS4 Neo this September, but not at TGS

Rumors have it that the PS4 Neo may be announced this September, but it won’t be at the Tokyo Game Show.

PlayStation Neo will be reportedly released on September 7th

PlayStation Neo will be reportedly released on September 7th in New York

A French gaming site has reported that the console may be announced this September in New York, rather than the assumed Tokyo Game Show.

The site, Game Blog, writes (as translated by Google):

“While all indications pointed to an announcement of the PS4 NEO at the Tokyo Game Show in September, our sources tell us an announcement on 7 September in New York.”

The console is rumored to be 4K, and has been codenamed Neo. If Sony does not take the opportunity to call the console the PS4K, then that is truly unfortunate.

This would also align with the release somewhat of the Xbox One S, and as reported, the Gamestop CEO may have accidentally let it slip that they would have a similar release window.

With the white 2TB Xbox One S selling out, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft releases their 500GB and 1TB versions around the same time that Sony releases Neo.

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