Sonic Creator Yuji Naka wants Mario and Sonic to have an action game together

Yuji Naka, the creator of the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog, was recently interviewed by the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu to discuss Sonic, his origins, and his future.

Mario and Sonic with their old-school counterparts

Mario and Sonic with their old-school counterparts

In the interview, Yuji revealed that he wanted Sonic and Mario to appear together in their own action game. Not the Olympics or any sort of sports game, but their own, actual action game. He said:

“Actually, I wanted Mario [and Sonic] to appear together, so one time I went to give Miyamoto-san a presentation on how I want to create an action game which is co-starred by Mario and Sonic. It was in the GameCube days, and I took around four planners with me. It is a pity that the discussion was ‘clearly it isn’t necessary for Mario and Sonic to co-star in an action [game]’ and it didn’t become a reality, but SEGA was able to get the license for the Olympics just at that time, so in order to make the best use of the license, companion characters appeared together. A little later Sonic appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, this too came into reality because I requested from Sakurai-san, ‘I want Sonic to appear [in Smash Bros.]’. The Olympics is a bit different from my wish, but I think it’s a good thing that children around the world are happy about them co-starring. But someday I want to realize an action [game] together with Mario. I think I’m going to give another presentation so that Takashi [Iizuka] finds the necessity [of a Mario & Sonic action game] (laughs).”

Hopefully, someday, this will become a reality. Mario was one of the first videogames I ever played, but Sonic has always been one of my favorite gaming characters. With his quick-witted attitude and his humor, he appealed to me a lot more than Mario when I was young, but Mario is Mario. He is the video game icon. The two have always been seen as rivals, but to see them team up against perhaps a Bowser/Eggman villain combo would be magical. I certainly would buy into a game like that.

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