No Man’s Sky Servers to be wiped ahead of release

No Man’s Sky is set to release in just a few days, but some copies have made it out into the world already. From the player who bought the game online for $1,300, to the retail stores that have started selling the games early¬†(breaking the release date), it was safe to assume that there would be plenty of players that are ahead of the game; however, that has somewhat changed.


No Man's Sky is set for release on PS4 on August 9th

No Man’s Sky is set for release on PS4 on August 9th

Harry Denholm, a programmer at Hello Games, tweeted out that the servers are set to be wiped on Sunday, ahead of the game’s release. However, he went on to add that game saves were not being wiped, but just discovery online storage.

Creator Sean Murray also tweeted in July that he didn’t want players to “spoil it” for themselves by picking apart videos and reading into the game too much. Needless to say, if I had spent years pouring myself into something only to have it be spoiled for some people, I would be very disappointed as well.

I personally discourage attempting to get the game early, but if you would like something to fill in the void until the game’s release, you can try checking out the soundtrack, available for free online; or, you can check out the new fan-made companion app, NMS Ally. The app allows players to upload screenshots directly from their PlayStations, generate creature and planet names, and an elements journal, which allows you to remember where you found a specific element, and record which traders pays the most for it. Currently available on Android, an updated iOS¬†version is on its way.

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