Suicide Squad breaks August Preview Night record

According to IGN, Suicide Squad earned an estimated $20.5 million on its Thursday preview-night.

suicide squad movie line up


The film broke the record that was previously held by Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014. The movie opened to about 3,700 theaters last night, with IMAX screenings accounting for $2.4 million.

Guardians of the Galaxy opened to $11.2 million on its opening night, and then went on to get $94.3 million on its opening weekend.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earned $27.7 million on its Thursday night preview in March.

Suicide Squad also took in $29.6 million in 40 other markets in its first two days of release. It is set to expand to another 17 markets today. Current estimates see the film reaching $120 million for its opening weekend, which break Guardians of the Galaxy’s opening weekend record as well.

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